Apps developed for Windows, iOS, iPadOS & macOS.

Sermon Maker

It’s an app to structure, build and develop Sermons and Devotionals. It’s designed specially for pastors and church leaders that want to unify the structure and way of making their Sermons and Devotionals.

The app is available in the Apple’s AppStore and it’s compatible with English, Spanish, German, Italian, French & Portuguese languages.


It’s an educational app to design regular buildings using a rational design method using Plastic Design Theory.

Currently it is under development using Xcode 14.1 to be able to run it, in a near future, in iPadOS 16.x and macOS 13.x.

This app is completely free and very soon will be open source and will be stored in GITHUB.

This app was originally created in Visual Studio 2019 and, at this moment, it’s only compatible with Microsoft Windows.