Sermon Maker is an app to build sermons and devotionals and it has the ability to save the projects into iCloud’s private and public databases synchronizing with all your devices using CoreData & iCloudKit.

The app is compatible with English, Spanish, German, Italian, French & Portuguese languages. Works with DarkMode and LightMode within the app. It allows the user to change the font colors in the different sections of the app including in sermons and devotionals projects. It has wordcount for each section and total words, and many other features.

The main reason you would want to use this app is to unify the way one build sermons and devotionals, that is why this app was intentionally designed to do that. Also, if you are interested in sharing some or all of your sermons or devotionals with all of Sermon Maker’s community, the app has an optional activation of a public database. You can check the tutorial’s page for FAQ & help.

At his point, Sermon Maker does not have a feature to be able to print the projects by itself. So you will need to have an iPad or a Mac in the pulpit.

Sermon Maker is developed in Swift using mainly SWIFTUI 3.0 Frameworks (Swift 5.6 with Xcode 13.3).

This app was designed and developed by Ronald Steinvorth Berrocal, a Vineyard’s movement pastor from Costa Rica. Pastor of Viña Oeste la Guácima.

If you want to learn more about how to make sermons, support the development of Sermon Maker or simply bless the developer you can go to our Patreon page.

Sermon Maker v7.4.79 latest update: August 08, 2022:

Some of the new features in the latest builds:

  1. Very important: Sermon Maker v7.4.x will be la latest builds that will be able run in iOS 15.x, iPad OS 15.x and macOS 12.x. All the future versions (v7.5.x) will be only compatible with iOS 16.x, iPadOs 16.x and macOS 13.x when released.
  2. New! Bug fixes, stability, and performance improvements. (v7.4.79)
  3. New! Fixed all the bugs reported up to date. (v7.4.79)
  4. Added a new tutorial on iPads & Macs to help the users understand better how to use the app. For now, only available in English & Spanish. (v7.4.68)
  5. Added a link to a Patreon account(v7.4.68)
  6. Fixed a bug that was blocking the user interface in v7.4.44 & v7.4.45.  (v7.4.46)
  7. Changed how to activate the drag gestures to be able to change the “MainPoint’s Order.” You can now activate-deactivate this with a one “LongTapGesture” on the icon in the corner. (v7.4.44)
  8. Changed how to activate drag gestures to be able to change the position of the “SubPoints” and its related “Verses” and removed the blue arrow in the GUI that was used for this same feature.You can now activate-deactivate this with a one “LongTapGesture” on the texts. (v7.4.44)
  9. Implemented a new way to start the sermon’s & devotional’s structures. Simple & Advanced. (v7.4.40)
  10. Added more TextEditors at the beginning of the Main Points. (v7.4.25)
  11. Fixed some bugs in the GUI while typing. (v7.4.24)
  12. Added French language! (v7.4.18)
  13. Changed the location of the preaching timer. Only works in iPads & Macs. (v7.4.17)
  14. Added feature to Print to PDF in sermons (one big page only, not multipage). Only works in iPads & Macs. (v7.4.17)
  15. Added feature to Print to PDF in devotionals (one big page only, not multipage). Only works in iPads & Macs. (v7.4.16)
  16. Fixed some bugs in the buttons for adding or removing: Points, SubPoints, Verses and Body Texts. (v7.4.15)
  17. Fixed a bug introduced in v7.4.11 that was not letting the user to turn back on the “Body Texts of the Sermons”.
  18. Added new feature. Now you can use more TextEditors in the Sermons. (v7.4.11)
  19. Added a new feature! Now you can activate a preaching timer! (v7.4.11)
  20. Fixed a bug in printing a Sermon Structure to PDF that was printing a wrong Verse ID. Print To PDF is only available in iPads and Macs. (v7.4.11)

Some older bug fixes and upgrades:

  1. Fixed a crash opening older files introduced in (v7.4.7)
  2. Fixed a bug in v7.4.3 that was making the new project and other buttons not to work. Sorry for this one. (v7.4.6)
  3. Fixed a bug in printing to PDF in Sermon Structures. The Verse ID was not being printed correctly. These feature is only available in iPads and Macs. (v7.4.6)
  4. Changed the CoreData database for the whole app to be able to add new features soon. You will not see your older projects while using the new database. But you can switch to the older database in: Settings, Database, and change the database the the older one. This switch will be active until 31st of July 2022. So please export all your older projects using this temporally feature to be ready for remain using the new database. Every time you start running the app it will start using the new Database. (v7.4.2)
  5. KeyWords were simplified to use only one TextEditor. (v7.4.2)
  6. Redesigned the module for “Import & Export to a file” for sermons & devotionals. Removed the PLIST format completely and leave only the JSON format. (v7.4.0)
  7. Now you can share your “Sermon Structures” in PDF (single page). This feature only works on iPads & Macs. (v7.3.28)
  8. Fixed a bug that was making unable to re-activate, the verses and subPoints of the Main Points after disabled them by the user. (v7.3.23)
  9. Added a new feature to export sermons and devotionals to plaintext (*.txt) files. You can use these exported files to open the projects in other Word Processors like: Pages, Word, etc. (v7.3.2)
  10. Now the app saves the progress in CoreData (private iCloud) every 15 seconds. (v7.3.2)
  11. Added the option to export/import the devotionals to JSON files. (v7.2.16)
  12. Changed the exported/imported JSON file structures. You will not be able to use your older backups. You can make them again running the new update. If you need one of your backups urgently you can contact me by email and I will fix it for you free. Just be careful that this new update will erase all the backups inside your Documents directory. Please save them in other place before installing this new version. The app will restart the first time it runs if you already have it installed. Just Start it again. This is not needed in freshly installed apps and does not affects the projects in iCloud. (v7.2.16)
  13. Fixed some words in the devotionals that were only in English. (v7.2.13)
  14. Added a new option to change the order of the Main Points. This is especially useful if one have finished making many progress on the sermon and later consider that it is better to change the Main Points order. (v7.2.11)
  15. Fixed a bug, only in iPhones, that disabled the “New Project” in Devotionals. (v7.2.7)
  16. Added a new menu to add “devotional sections” after they were removed by the user. (v7.2.7)
  17. Added options to remove “devotional sections. (v7.2.7)
  18. Added a new menu to add/removePoints” & “SubPoints“. (v7.2.4)
  19. Added a new menu to add “sermon sections” after they were removed by the user. (v7.2.4)
  20. Fixed a bug saving sermons to the “iCloud Public” database. Now is working fine. (v7.2.4)
  21. Made changes to the wordcount to work only after the size of the view changes. This made the typing experience much better and faster. (v7.2.2)
  22. Sermon Maker is fully compatible with new released iOS 15, iPadOS 15 and compatible with macOS 12. (v7.1.3)
  23. Added German language. (v7.0.22)
  24. Added Italian language. (v7.0.22)
  25. Added Portuguese language. The goal is to add also in the future: French. (v7.0.22)
  26. Added a new “Choose your Languagestartup screen, only when the app runs for the first time. (v7.0.22)
  27. Fixed a bug that was hiding “all the Sermon Points” when you where choosing to only hide “Point #1″. (v7.0.18)
  28. Fixed a bug that was setting the new project’s date incorrectly. (v7.0.19)
  29. Fixed a problem that was making that the projects where not loading completely right in a first click and you needed to close it and open it again.(v7.0.16)
  30. Added the “Church Name” in many places of the app. This new option needs that the app runs the first time without any defaults files (JSON) in the app’s directory.  For this reason, the first time that you run the app after the update, all the app’s UserDefaults will be restarted. So, if you have any project in process, without being saved into the iCloud, please save/export it into your private database before updating to this new version, so you don’t lose any of your progress. This does not affect any of the projects that you have already have saved correctly into the iCloud. (v7.0.10)
  31. Finally fixed the bug that was making the cursor to go down to the bottom (in all the TextEditors) while editing the texts. (v7.0.10)
  32. Fixed a bug that was not letting the users using DarkMode to change the font colors. (v7.0.9)
  33. Fixed a bug that was making the exported files (json) not to include the “Main Point’s Verses”. (v7.0.7)
  34. Fixed a bug that was duplicating the exported projects to the “iCloud Private” database. (v7.0.7)
  35. Big changes to the GUI. Now is much easier to save and export the projects. Now all the projects that are modified are updated and stored directly into the private iCloud database. Now, there is a new “Export” icon to simplify the export process of the projects between the private & public databases. This option is specially useful when the user has finally decided to activate the public database in the app’s Settings. (v7.0.0)
  36. Lots of bug fixes, stability and performance improvements from v6.x. (v7.0.0)
  37. Added new buttons to be able to change the position of the Verses & SubPoints, but in “Sermon Options” inside the app’s Settings. (v6.2.3)
  38. Removed the side buttons to be able to change the position of the Verses & SubPoints (in the Structure & Sermon Views), because it was causing a strange loop in the GUI. This is problem that I need more time to investigate. So, I hope to be able to add this feature again in the future. (v6.2.2)
  39. Finally fixed the bug that was making the app getting too slow (only in iPads & Macs) when the Sidebar was hided by the user while being in the “Sermon” view. (v6.2.0)
  40. Added a new feature to be able to choose your preferred Bible provider. BibleGateway as the Default and YouVersion as an alternative. (v6.1.3)
  41. Added automatic TextEditor’s sizes in iPhones. (v6.1.1)

Some other features:

1. CoreData/iCloudKit private and public databases to store and synchronize user’s projects in all devices (iPads, iPhones and Macs). To be able to activate and use the public database you’ll need to accept the sharing terms and conditions that includes that everyone can freely use all the public info that is voluntarily shared in there.

2. Filter search for projects saved in the private & public databases (CoreData/iCloudKit). These features makes much easier to search for a project into the databases.

3. English, Spanish, German & Italian languages switch for the user interfase inside de app. If anyone wants to help me translate to add other languages, just send me an email.

4. Wordcount for all texts (deactivated by default), because this needs to have a faster device. You can activate/deactivate anytime this feature in the app’s settings.

5. DarkMode/LightMode switch inside de app, without needing to change your device’s settings.

6. Ability to change the fonts colors and sizes of the different sections of the project.

7. Portrait and Landscape mode compatible in all the app’s interface. This is specially useful in the iPads and Macs that are the platforms which are better to use this kind of apps to write sermons.

8. Picture of an example project to see how the app works. You can use this in app’s Settings. Also you can access the public database to load and see examples projects from other users of the app that wanted to share them.

9. Links to BibleGateway, YouVersion’s Bible and BibleHub websites inside the app. Note: Sermon maker don’t have any affiliation with those sites which are free to use to everyone.

10. Added options to activate and deactivate the projects types of (Sermons/Devotionals). Devotional are now deactivated by default. Anyone can activate them in: Settings, Project Types. (Added in Sermon Maker v5.8.2).

11. Added an “import button” & a “share button” to be able to send or receive sermons projects files you “Exported/Imported” easier to or from other users. You can use AirDrop, Email, iMessage and any other options that Apple offers in their sharing features. When you receive the “exported/imported file” just save & replace the existing file in your Sermon Maker’s directory in “On My Device” in the Files app. (Added in Sermon Maker v5.8.2).

12. Added “Export & Import Files” to external storage in JSON format. The exported files can be shared, accessing the device “Documents Directory” using the “Files app” and choosing “On My Device” where you will find a new “Sermon Maker directory”. You can send to anyone this exported file to share a sermon or a group of them. Or simply, you can use this file to make an external backup of the sermons you choose to include. If you want to import files just save and replace that file in your device. This will NOT affect your CoreData/iCloudKit files & synchronization. (Added in Sermon Maker v5.8.1).

13. Added an example project in the Exported/Imported Storage. This example project will appear if you haven’t exported or imported any file. (Added in Sermon Maker v5.8.1).

14. Finally all the TextEditors are resized automatically, even if the project was imported. This is only available in iPads and Macs. (Added in Sermon Maker v5.7.5).

15. Now the users can change the “sub-points and sub-points verses” order just clicking a small “up or down arrow” inside the “Sermon Settings“. This makes the app more flexible and will make happy many of the Sermon Maker users! (Added in Sermon Maker v5.6.6)

16. Added the feature to remove the Main Verse” from the structure and complete sermon. This is helpful specially in thematic sermons that are not based on a main verse. (Added in Sermon Maker v5.6.6)

17. Added the feature to remove the descriptive numbering of any of the main points. (Added in Sermon Maker v5.6.6)

18. Now the users can dismiss some of the alerts, directly when the message is displayed, if they don’t want them to be shown again. Of course, you can turn them on again in the user’s settings. (Added in Sermon Maker v5.5.9)

19. Now you can hide and unhide different sections of the sermons. This makes the writing experience faster because you can hide the views of the other parts of the sermon that you are not working at the moment. Of course you can unhide them when you want. This feature also helps the users to hide parts of the sermon that already where spoken so it’s easier to not get lost while preaching. In the iPhones it’s deactivated by default cause this feature is not practical without SplitView, but the user can activate it in settings if he wants to.

20. You are able to make public (only the projects you want) with all Sermon Maker’s users using iCloudKit’s public database. For security reasons, only the app ADMIN can delete projects from the public database. This feature make Sermon Maker not only valuable by its functionalities, but also for its contents. When more and more people decide to feed the public database everyone will benefit from other’s sermons & devotionals. Let’s all start sharing for the Kingdom of God to expand!

macOS 11.3 Light mode

macOS 11.3 Dark mode

iPadOS Light mode

iPadOS Dark mode

iOS Light mode

iOS Dark mode

Soon a future release of Sermon Maker will be released (v7.5.x)

Sermon Maker version 7.4.x will be our latest release of the app that will be compatible in older iOS 14.x – 15.x, iPadOS 14.x – 15.x and macOS 11.x – 12.x.

The future Sermon Maker v7.5.0 will be prepared to have more features that will be only available in the new iOS 16.x, iPadOS 16.x and macOS 13.x. Stay tuned!

Future development

I’m working hard trying to find ways to implement some new features like:

  1. Implement a way to be able print the sermons & devotionals inside the app. Status: You can now print your projects to one page PDF (not with multipage yet). At least you can share it with others in one big PDF page.
    Meanwhile, also you can export/save your projects to .TXT format and open them in Pages, Word, etc. So doing that, you can print and save the exported files to PDF with minor effort & changes.
  2. Implement: underline, bold, italics and font’s color changes in some portions of the text’s fonts. Status: Now in process of research. To be able to implement these future features, I will need to make the app compatible only with new iOS 16.x, iPadOS 16.x and macOS 13.x.