Sermon Maker’s v7.x

Tutorials & F.A.Q.

Video tutorials:

Watch some of the tutorials videos:

  • How to use Sermon Maker?
  • How to make a new project into your private database?
    • Just click on the “iCloud Private” button in the “StartUp Menu” and click in the “New” icon in the right top corner. That will create a new file. To open the File, just click in the Project’s Name in the list and you will go directly to the project and can start working. Everything you type inside a project will be automatically store in that file without having to click save in any place.
    • Video 1: How make a new sermon?
  • How to change the name of a saved project in your private database?
    • Just open the project and change any info you want and the project will be automatically changed.
  • How to activate the iCloud’s public database?
    • To activate the public database you just need to go to “General Settings”, “Database”, and activate (switch the toggle to ON) the “iCloud’s Public Database” and accept the app’s agreements.
    • Video 2: How activate the public database?
  • How to import an existent Exported JSON File?
    • Click on “Exported/Imported” option in the “StartUpMenu“, and in the top right corner of your screen click on the “Import” button. Then search for the “Exported File” choose it. Then all the “Exported Files” stored in that JSON file will be uploaded to your “Exported/Imported” file lists. You can now select any of the “Imported Files” and click “Import Sermon” that will open the project in a temporary page for you to read it without saving it in your private Database. If you want to save it to your private database, click on the red “Save” button in the left corner of the opened project and choose “As new to Private”. Now you will find that project stored into your “iCloud Private” database.
    • Video 3: How import an existing Exported File?
  • How to export one or more sermons to a single file?
  • How save an exported file in an iPad or iPhone to the device’s “Documents Directory”? Do you can only save to or import from the Sermon Maker’s Directory if you’re using an iPad or iPhone.
  • How to send an Exported File by Airdrop, Email or iMessage, etc to someone else?


Answers to some of the Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. I have written some texts into the “Intro Summary” textfield in the Structure section of my sermon project. But when I go to theSermon section there are no texts inside the “Introduction” textfield. Why?
    • The “Intro Summary” is a different textfield than “Introduction”. They are for two different purposes. The whole “Structure” section is meant to function as a summary of the sermon you are making. Think of the “Structure” section as the only part of the sermon that you will send to your pastor or leader for his approval or comments . In the “Intro Summary” textfield you should only write a small portion or the main idea of the full introduction. You should write the complete introduction of your sermons in the “Sermon” section. Sermon Maker app is designed for you to complete first the “Structure” section and when finished, then proceed to the “Sermon” section.
  2. I can’t find my project (sermon or devotional)! Where can I find it?
    • All the new projects you make in Sermon Maker v7.x are stored and updated automatically in your “iCloud Private” database. You will find them there. Once you create, update or delete a project in any device, it will synchronized automatically in all your devices. If you delete one or more projects, in any device, they will be deleted in ALL your devices and you can not recovered them. If you need to backup one or more of your projects you can “Export” them to a .JSON file and save that backup anywhere you want.
  3. What is the difference with the private and public databases? I’m totally confused!
    • The private and public databases are two different storage solutions.
      • The private database uses your local iCloud’s Storage and only you can see, load, save and edit your own projects.
      • The public database uses the app’s iCloud’s Storage and any of the Sermon Maker’s users can see, load, copy and use all the projects in that database.
    • Personally, I only use the public database only after being sure that my project is finished and it’s ready to be “shared” with all the Sermon Maker’s community.
  4. I can’t see any public database in my “StartUp Menu”, why?
    • If you want access to the public database, you need to manually activate this function in your app’s Settings. When you do so, you need to accept that you are clear and totally agree that everything that you decide to store into the public database will be free for anyone to use.
  5. I saved a file in the public database but I can’t delete it. Why?
    • No one can delete any files from the public database. So be sure to save/export there only when a project is complete and only if you are sure that you want to share it with all Sermon Maker users.
  6. I saved a project in the public database by mistake, how can I delete it?
    • As I mentioned above, no one can do it by itself. Only the app’s developer (ADMIN) can delete projects from the public database. If you need to delete one project, just send me an email (my email is in: “Settings”, “About the app”) explaining the reason including: the date, title, and author of the project and I will delete it for you.
  7. I liked a specific (someone else’s) sermon or devotional stored in the public database and I want to use it in my preaching, but I want to change some things. Can I do that?
    • Yes you can. If someone have stored any project into the public database, they are giving to everyone the right to use it and change it as they want but in their local private database. If someone don’t want anyone to see or use their sermons they can choose to save only in their private database. I personally have my latest sermons (in spanish) shared in the public database for everyone to use them as they want.
    • The idea of the public database is to help others that are preaching to get ideas and sermons from other pastors and leaders. If you are worried about someone to use your sermons or your ideas, please just don’t use the public database. That is why it’s DEACTIVATED by default.
    • Don’t worry! No one can overwrite any project in the public database. If you want to copy one public project into your private database, just “Export” the project from the public database and then save it (export it) to your private database. In your private database you can modify it and make the changes you want. Also after you finished, if you want, you can also save (export) your new modified project to the public database again as a new project. Also you can keep it (only for you) in your private database.
    • If you want to help the Sermon Maker’s community, it will be a very good idea to share all your finished projects, so many pastors and leaders can benefit from what the Lord has given to you. Remember that we are all together the body of Christ. We should team up with as much as we can. Together we are and will be much more effective that alone.
  8. Ok. I’m completely sure I know now how to use the app very well and I’m VERY SURE that I don’t need to be caution any more with all the warning alerts. Can I deactivate them?
    • Yes you can!
      • But be VERY careful because all the warning alerts are there to prevent you get confused or preventing you in making a mistakes while loading or saving the projects and other important procedures. If you are really sure want are you doing, just go to “Settings“, then choose “Alert Messages“, and uncheck the specific alerts that you are really sure you don’t need any more.